The vacuum suit is designed to provide a unique experience – whole-body wet pulsating rubber suction with pneumatic masturbation using a milking receiver. The Electro Vacuum suit goes one stage further having conductive rubber panels ‘built into’ the suit to enable e-stim.

Once zipped into the suit – you are fully sealed.   As soon as the hoses are connected to the milker suction quickly builds.  If the suit is being used ‘wet’ a hiss & gurgle is heard as the suit tightens – until the suit fully ‘grips’ the occupant. Pulsation adds an edge to this grip.  The wet interior of the suit and the close contact of the conductive rubber to the skin is perfect for e-stim. . . . .

One client described the pulsating suction and electro stimulation of the suit as giving him a sense of ‘abandonment to the machine’– his whole body a passive recipient of sensations.

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The Electro Vacuum Suit